Keynotes and Programs

Customer Before Company: Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business the Nordstrom Way

The Nordstrom department store is legendary for exemplary customer service: from the earliest beginnings of Nordstrom, a sign hung from the ceiling that read, “If We Sell You Well, Tell Others. If Not, Tell Us.” Well known for putting customer over company, Nordstrom salespeople are empowered from above to always make it right for the customer. With lessons that can be useful for solo agents, team leaders, and brokers alike, Nordstrom’s business philosophies easily translate into the real estate industry. By taking a page out of the Nordstrom book, from practical translation of the Nordstrom way into customer relationships to incorporating the Nordstrom beliefs into our personal values systems, we can revolutionize our businesses and our industry. Take a closer look at how to:

  1. Put Nordstrom’s “customer before company” philosophy into practice – in a written mission statement and/or company policy (personal and/or brokerage) – to maximize the customer experience, focusing on service rather than commission.
  2. Strive to nurture the long-term relationship. Nordstrom’s top salespeople don’t go straight for the sale: one sale equals one commission; one relationship equals a lifetime of business.
  3. Recognize the importance of follow-through and incorporate it into your daily routine.
  4. Decipher the Nordstrom mystique and make it work for your real estate business.


Face to Face(book): Offline Networking in an Online World

Technology and social media are all the rage and are certainly buzz-worthy, but face-to-face is the tried-and-true path to customers for life and a strong referral business. This session teaches proven strategies for staying top-of-mind in this ever-digitized world. You may be tech-savvy and use technology widely in your businesses, but you must also recognize the value of good, old-fashioned in-person contact. We’ll discuss strategies for how to integrate social media into your business plans and how to combine the power of online strategy and personal contact to build a strong client and referral base. Objectives include:

  1. Combine online and offline strategies into one cohesive marketing plan
  2. Take a look at “the usual” customer/client appreciation events vs. “the new” ideas of tweet-ups, meet & greets, etc.
  3. Find your niche – using a hobby or interest that is traditionally an in-person activity into a lead-generating business model
  4. Breathe new life into your Facebook page – using events and invitations to encourage face-to-face encounters
  5. Make the ask – going beyond asking for business/referrals


REALTOR® on the Go: Taking Your Business Mobile

It’s no secret that today’s real estate world is fast-paced: buyers and sellers no longer want to wait to get information – they want it now. Agents need to have the right tools at their fingertips in order to meet the demands of our now technology-dependent industry. This course outlines the tools agents can use today to take their office mobile, to be as effective and efficient in the field as they are at their desks. Attendees will leave the class with the knowledge and tools necessary to take their business to the next level, to truly take their business mobile – whether they are solo agents, team members, or team leaders. From over 50 mobile applications that are free (or almost free) and can save not only money but also time to creating a “roaming office,” a comfortable and productive place to conduct business with your clients, in your car or wherever you are! The main goal: making your life less complicated and less stressful and making every transaction easier on you and your clients. This class will enable you to:

  1. Learn to create a “Mobile Plan” – complete with checklists and strategies for taking your business on the road.
  2. Decide how much mobile is right for you – exploring a number of mobile business model options to find the right fit for your personal business.
  3. Explore 50+ mobile applications, most of which are FREE, that can be downloaded on Smartphones and/or tablets to make mobility = productivity.
  4. Make your clients comfortable with mobile – overcoming obstacles and objections to your mobile business from clients who are not at your level of tech-comfort.


Digital Marketing: The New Kid on the Block

What does real estate marketing look like in today’s world? Marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade, and we’ve entered a new frontier. Reaching clients and potential customers used to be a costly venture – with long printing wait-times and pricey postage. Today, online marketing options offer us a free way to keep in touch with our current spheres and reach potential new clients, but the rules are different. This new school of marketing, with its multitude of social media platforms and opportunities, requires a new kind of marketing savvy and can be overwhelming to navigate. This course teaches you how to combine tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (and more!) along with email marketing and blogging, with the tried-and-true marketing techniques you already know. The class will teach you to:

  1. Develop an online brand that expresses who you are and helps you maintain a consistent online presence.
  2. Create a social media strategy that works for you and incorporates the platforms with which you are most comfortable.
  3. Combine “old school” techniques, like direct mail and print advertising, with new school opportunities, like your Facebook business page and blogging, to create a more cost-effective and optimized approach to marketing.
  4. Incorporate public relations strategies into your marketing plan and be your own publicist.